Packaged RO Plant

AQUAPOT Packaged reverse osmosis systems are typically used whenever salt removal or deionization is required. Packaged Reverse osmosis removes more than 97%-99% of the total dissolved solids along with organics, bacteria and other particulates. AQUAPOT is capable of designing, manufacturing and delivering Packaged RO (reverse osmosis) systems of any scale.

Typical Packaged RO Applications

Desalination of Seawater and Brackish Water

Boiler Feedwater

Process Rinsewater

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Cosmetics Manufacturing

Pretreatment to Ion Exchange

Electronics Manufacturing

Hospital Central Supply

Features and Benefits Packaged RO Plant

Advanced thin film composite membrane technology Long membrane life with enhanced chemical and fouling resistance

Aseptic system design

Inhibits bacterial contamination

Integrated micron prefiltration

Continuous membrane and pump protection

Integrated membrane cleaning system

Simple operation and easy maintenance

Complete system automation capabilities

Reliable performance and operation flexibility

Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

Assured quality and consistent performance

Full instrumentation with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for system monitoring and control

Minimal operator attention


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