Commercial RO plant

Standard Plant Capacities with Cost:

250 LPH Capacity – INR 1,75,000.00 + Taxes
500 LPH Capacity – INR 2,35,000.00 + Taxes
1000 LPH Capacity – INR 3,25,000.00 + Taxes
2000 LPH Capacity – INR 4,15,000.00 + Taxes
4000 LPH Capacity – INR 6,80,000.00 + Taxes

Major Components : Make

Raw Water / High Pressure Pump : Grundfos

FRP Vessels : Aventura/ Equiv

Micron Filters : Aquapot

Skid : 40mm – SS 304 Grade

Control Panel : ASTER with online TDS

Membrane Housing : SS 304 Grade

RO Membrane : DOW Filmtech / Equiv

AQUAPOT has rich experience in successfully handling the demands of precision designed and optimally functioning Industrial RO/ Reverse Osmosis Plants. These industrial reverse osmosis Plants can be also made available in customized specifications with configurations to suit individual requirements of output water that varies from normal drinking application to usage like in pharmaceutical production, food processing and as boiler feeding requirement. Here, our expertise lies in offering industrial /commercial reverse osmosis plants in different flow rates for 100 LPH to 20000 LPH with the TDS reduction capacity that goes as high as 90-99%. Purification Process:

The offered RO plants are designed to successfully handle demands of water filtration through utilizing following processes of purification:

  1. Intake
  2. Pre-treatment ( May include Sand Filtration, Carbon Filtration, Micron Filtration, Softening etc.., )
  3. High Pressure Pump
  4. Membrane Assembly (Reverse Osmosis)
  5. pH Adjustment
  6. Disinfection

Applications – Reverse Osmosis Systems

Some of the applications these RO water filtration systems are used in, include providing pure water for:

  • Drinking – For humans and cattle
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Ion Exchange Pre-treatment
  • Beverage Production
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing
  • And several other industries..

Salient Features:

The offered industrial RO plants come with fully operational features that make these deliver smooth operations for many years to come. These features include:

  • RO Systems manufactured in a well integrated industrial reverse osmosis plant
  • Use of approved and tested components in system construction
  • Industrial RO plants configured for achieving optimum recovery of water
  • Adjustable valve provision for adjusting waste water and recycle flow of water
  • Offering easy and quick installation
  • Output production rates from 250 LPH – 20,000 LPH

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